Packing For Your Key West Charter Fishing Trip

Packing For Your Key West Charter Fishing Trip

Packing for your Key West Charter Fishing Trip

Sandy beaches, pristine crystal waters, gorgeous sub-tropical weather, fresh seafood, and world class fishing. Key West truly is a tourist’s dream destination!

But guess what…being the perfect spot to relax and enjoy an amazing vacation doesn’t come without its challenges. The tourist season brings tourist prices, and while you’ve surely budgeted in a few extra bucks for premium margaritas and a room in an historic inn, there’s no reason to throw away your hard earned dollars on superfluously sunscreen and a beach hat because you’ve left these items just sitting on your bed back at home!

So while some of these things deserve a big fat “duh!” it’s still not a bad idea to run down this list before you zip up your bags and mosey on down to the airport.

Packing For Your Key West Charter Fishing Trip

10 things you absolutely must pack for your Key West charter Fishing Trip:

  1. Sunglasses: Bringing along a pair of shades is hardly about looking “cool,” the fish don’t care if you look like Will Smith or Willy Nelson. Wearing sunglasses out on the water is about cutting the glare and keeping your eyes from fatiguing. If you plan on doing any sight casting or flats fishing you definitely want to consider investing in a polarized pair.
  2. Wide Brimmed Hat: Sure, a baseball cap will do, but if you’re planning on being out in the sun all day you might want to forego supporting your favorite team for the day and pick out some headwear that will keep your cranium cool. A great idea: the hats with a neck flap – these are especially popular with professional flats guides and fly fishing enthusiasts.
  3. Sunscreen: SPF 45 or greater (and make sure it’s waterproof). The tropical sun can be tricky, especially when you’re out on a boat where the ocean breeze lulls you into a false sense of safety. No sunscreen = sunburn, end of story. Don’t forget your ears, nose, and lips! Seriously, even if you’re the tannest dude you know in Minneapolis, pack sunscreen.
  4. Your Favorite Seasickness Remedy: Whether you prefer a pressure-point wristband, Dramamine, or the patch, don’t forget this important seafarer’s friend!
  5. Camera: Believe it or not, a LOT of people show up here without their camera. The waters surrounding Key West are filled to the brim with trophies, so make sure you bring your camera to prove to your friends how big that sailfish really was. Sure, you can use your cell phone, but even a point and shoot will give you a better photo that you’ll never forget. Even better, bring your GoPro and capture your adventure on video.
  6. Rain Gear (optional): Depending on the time of year, you might get caught in a rain storm. Even though it’s warm here year-round, you’ll be uncomfortable if your clothes get all wet. Just a light poncho will be greatly appreciated if needed in a summer storm.
  7. A Couple Old Hand Towels: You’ll find it much easier to work with your gear if your hands stay dry. Just be sure to snag a couple old ratty ones. If you grab your wife’s “just for show” towels (you know the one’s we’re talking about) we can’t be held responsible for the repercussions!
  8. Shoes with Traction: Keep in mind that you’ll be walking and standing on a boat all day. $5 drugstore flip-flops are great for strolling down the beach, but be sure to pack some footwear with a little bite on the sole so that you don’t end up on your rump when the boat hits a swell.
  9. Mini First-Aid Kit: Just a basic kit will do. Anti-bacterial cream, Band-Aids, etc. – there will be one on board, but it’s always nice to have what you need on hand back at the room.
  10. A Great Attitude: The fish won’t bite if you’re grumpy. This is a scientifically proven fact!
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By M.-J. Taylor

The writer lives in Key West, where fishing is a way of life. When not out on a boat, M.-J. can be found at the beach.