Vacationing On A Budget: A College Student’s Guide To Spring Break

Spring break is the time for every college student to get outside their comfort zone and not think about school for an entire week. However, college students have to take spring break on a budget. This means they need creative ways to get out of their dorm or apartment and into fun and sun in a place where they can recharge their batteries.

The only way to ensure that the trip goes off without a hitch is to look at the best ways to save. From rental car specials to cheap hotels and hostels, every college student can take a spring break trip that they will never forget.

1. Don’t Take Your Own Car

Driving a personal vehicle on spring break is like an invitation for disaster. Besides the risk of putting thousands of miles on a personal vehicle in a place that is not home, it is unwise to drive around in a car that may not be able to handle the entire trip. We wouldn’t want an old alternator belt to spoil all the fun now would we? Finding rental car deals can help every spring breaker to save a little money on gas by putting a more fuel efficient car in their price range.

Not only will this prevent car trouble from completely derailing the trip it will also ensure that at the end of the day there is a rental car company backing the entire drive to and from the final destination.

2. Go Somewhere With Cheap Hotels

There is no reason to go on spring break to a place that no one can afford. Instead of automatically choosing the most luxurious place to spend spring break, it’s better to go with the destinations that know spring breakers need a little bit of a discount to make the trip work. Destinations like South Padre Island and Panama City Beach have all of the fun and sun that a college crew could need without being ridiculously expensive.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Go Somewhere Different

Choosing places to spend spring break that are not typically used as spring break destinations can help cut down on costs and give the group a little room to breathe. Going up and down the east coast, there are many coastal cities that are great for spring break trips and are not overcrowded.

Jacksonville, Florida, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, the North Carolina Coast, Charleston, South Carolina and Annapolis, Maryland are all beautiful towns where the entire crew can spend a spring break vacation and never get bored.

4. Plan The Entire Trip

Having an itinerary may not seem like something to do on spring break, but it is best to have a plan so that the whole crew can make sure they can afford the whole trip. Picking nightclubs and bars to go to in advance, choosing the right beaches and picking the best places to eat in advance will help to give the trip structure and allow everyone to know what’s going on before they leave for the trip.

Doing spring break on a budget does not have to be problematic. Every college kid can plan a spring break trip that is fun, has plenty of beach time and is affordable for everyone going. With a little creativity and an itinerary, every college student can have the spring break of their lives this year.

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